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Holy Name of Jesus Parish
Serving Laval's English Catholic Community since 1965
Served by the Carmelites
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899 Chomedey Blvd.
Laval, Québec
H7V 2X1
Tel: (450) 688-3887
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Prayer intentions

9 years ago Pray for my friend Ayat. He died 5 years ago in a motorcycle accident.
9 years ago Please pray for my friend Ann, who has been having pain in one foot for several days.
9 years ago Please pray for my uncle Pasquale, who is very ill in Intensive Care, he had pneumonia a few weeks ago and that possibly led to a blood infection, they are unable to determine the cause. His kidneys stopped working so now he is also on dialysis. God bless and thank you
9 years ago my cat is not doing so well (breathing hard and heavey) he is also nine years old (around 80 in human years) i pray that he gets better!
9 years ago Please pray for Marty, father of nine children, in need of a kidney transplant.
9 years ago Please pray for Lucia, who has a lot of pain in the legs, and for reconciliation between some of her children and the family.
9 years ago Requst prayers for Rosa's health (has cold and very bad headache).
9 years ago Prayers for my nephew to have passed all his school courses (Secondary 2).
9 years ago Pray for all of the parishoners in Holy Name Parish.
9 years ago Please pray for Suzanne & Margaret both have breast cancer. Ivanna waiting for heart vale transplant. Donna much pain in legs and back making it hard to walk.Thank you.
899 Chomedey Blvd., Laval, Québec, H7V 2X1
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(450) 688-3887
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