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Holy Name of Jesus Parish
Serving Laval's English Catholic Community since 1965
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Laval, Québec
H7V 2X1
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Prayer intentions

11 months ago Please help me lord, lam going through a tough time, I have tried to conceive with no luck for 10 years. I still believe in you and I hope one day it will happen, please help me lord.
1 year ago Dear God, Bless my unborn daughter and my husband. Thank you for all the good things on my life
1 year ago My Lord, give me the grace to count on you first for anything, to center myself to your light so that I regain my physical and mental health entirely. Guide me to rebuild my nervous, digestive, endocrine systems and my whole health. Make me center on you, Lord, as you know whole truth. Guide me to good people ready to serve you. Thank you, my Lord
1 year ago Dear God, please I ask you to intervene in my father's health. He's in the hospital. I ask you to forgive him and have mercy on him! Please God, Please if you can also use this time for the conversion on my parents. They are lost and blinded by false people and I'm desperate for them to see the right path. I thank you God! and I know you hear me. All the glory to you for ever!
1 year ago Dear God , Please help me through this health issue I am going through Forgive me for all my sins and please take care of all my loved ones. Amen
1 year ago Dear Lord, Please help me go through this tough journey regarding my health. Take care of all the ones I love and forgive me for any sins I have done. Amen
1 year ago Dear Lord, Please help me go through this journey regarding my health. So far I have been blessed and truly believe that you have helped me enormously. My mom who has passed away just days after I got my results has been by my side and always will. Please help me God to be strong and fight this and come out and be amongst my little grandkids and all the ones I love . Help me please dear God and forgive me if I have sinned. Amen
2 years ago Dear God I'm now going through this long journey regarding my health. Please be with me and help me get through this . My mom has passed away just days before I got my results , please guide her in being with me and giving me all the strenght I need. I believe in you and always have. I ask you to forgive me for the sins I have made in the past. Please take care of me . I truly believe you can help me. Thank you dear God and keep me in your heart and be with my mom eternally also Amen
2 years ago Dear Father, I ask for a urgent intervention for my dearest friend. She is going through a very dark period in her life and needs your love, warmth, peace and light. Please cut off all the evil ties and friends that bind her. Father I pray that you fill her heart with your everlasting love and surround her with the friends you choose for her .Thank you Father
2 years ago Dear God , Please take care of all the ones I love. I pray every night for their safety and be thankful that I have a wonderful family. Please be with them and guide them safely through the day. Amen
899 Chomedey Blvd., Laval, Québec, H7V 2X1
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