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Prayer intentions

1 month ago
Please pray for the victims and families of the Manchester Bombing. Pray that we need to find peace and kindness in a world that can be very cruel. Let's remember Martin Luthor King's quote. “Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.”
2 months ago
please pray for our family, i need to find a job to survive, things are very bad financially, mentally and emotionally. i ask for strength, peace and love during this hard time. i pray for all my brothers and sisters that need blessings at the same time. i believe in faith and jesus will guide me.. please pray.. amen
2 months ago
A prayer for all Christians during Holy week. Amen.
4 months ago
I pray that my daughter and I find a better way to get along. She is stuborn and I am short tempered lose with her. We both have things to work on. Amen
4 months ago
I love this parish and pray for all my brothers and sisters that need love and healing. I pray that i get an interview for this job i really want since I'm unemployed and get out of this horrible financial burden. I have faith... God will lead the path, I just need encouragement and strength to keep swimming so i don't feel like I'm drowning anymore. God bless to all... please God hear my prayer
8 months ago
I pray for my son this time of need....he so desperately needs to come out of the situations he has put himself in. God, please shine your light on him....grant him peace of mind and spirit. Please Lord Jesus I am asking for you to be with him, guide him so that he makes the right decisions to get out this turmoil he finds himself in. Thank you Lord Jesus Christ for listening to my prayer.
8 months ago
I pray for my son Peter. I pray that Jesus help find employment....May he get a second chance with his previous employer. I pray that Jesus look over him and show him the way....he needs to establish maturity and responsibility and honesty. I thank you Lord Jesus Christ for listening to my prayer.
9 months ago
Please pray for my mom and my sister to make peace with each other because they very angry and it's hurting them both they can't forgive both each other need all your prayers !!!
10 months ago
I pray that I get employed as soon as possible as I have never asked for monetory help to anyone, except Jesus Christ, which always has provided me abundantly. Praise the Lord. Amen.
10 months ago
I pray that my husband's loss of employment is temporary. Please Lord Jesus our family depends on both of our incomes to lead a normal life. I pray that you help us overcome this obstacle. I thank you for listening to my prayer.
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